What a Concept…
By: Barry Belmont

The ASUN recently announced (though it was long rumored) that the final funding period for clubs would not be observed as the organization had run out of club funding. And in typical WTF GOVERNMENT? style logic, the commissioners in charge seem to glean over the point entirely, managing to not only not take away the key economic lesson (that public funds will always be at the mercy of the Tragedy of the Commons) but exasperating it more so (by seeking to impose penalties on those clubs that don’t spend the entirety of their allocation).

I’m going to repeat that because it really needs to land for effect: Nathan Demuth, HeadHoncho of ASUN Clubbiwubbs said that “The fact that clubs don’t always spend all the money they are awarded often confounds accurate balance predictions.” And hence, “New penalties for clubs that don’t spend allocated funds will be imposed in the future.”

He seems unable to recognize that the problem is with the way clubs are funded, not with the fact that they don’t spend all their money. In fact, not spending all of their funds can only, only be seen as a good thing. It means more money in the bank, less wasted, more frugality. But with this new penalty to be levied on clubs in conjunction with the fact that late funding periods may not be held at all, you will see clubs hitting the funding hard, fast, and most importantly, recklessly. When punished for not spending money, it is only inevitable that people will spend and spend and spend.

Oh ASUN, when will you ever learn? Perhaps this recent comment from the Sagebrush website will give you the advice you need in starkly barren terms:

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  • http://unrforliberty.com/ John Russell

    “New penalties for clubs that don’t spend allocated funds will be imposed in the future.” - … stupid does not describe the idea behind this sentence adequately.

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