Thank You

Dear friends, supporters, readers, and haters of the UNR Students for Liberty,

As children, we learn certain acceptable behaviors and concepts which are necessary to deal with other people. We learn things like: “don’t hit”, “don’t steal”, and “don’t lie”. Simple enough, but something happens as we begin to enter the adult world. We begin to realize that such concepts don’t actually seem to apply to the people who told us these things in the first place. We figure out that even though they told us not to hit, or steal, or lie, they themselves find it okay to do it – typically by asking someone else to do it on their behalf.

For the past four years, this club has fought to bring back the principles we learned as children. To show people that, just because something has been happening for a long time, doesn’t mean it is necessarily good. But just like little kids who would kick and scream when being told something they feel is wrong, my experience in this group has showed me that when presenting this idea to adults, they too are quick to begin internally kicking and screaming within their own inconsistency.

It has been such a joy identifying the absurdity of their worldview and presenting them with an alternative they have already learned as children. It is heartening to see that there are a lot of people our age who get it. Who understand that violence, theft, and coercion are almost never better than voluntary cooperation, persuasion, and peace. And although this club is now winding down due to the graduation of the leadership, I know that the message is something that can only continue to gain momentum.

Hurting, stealing, and lying to innocent people is wrong no matter who you are. And spreading a message like that is something we can all be proud of.

John Russell

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