Morgan Freeman Solves the Race Problem
By: Barry Belmont

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  • Webmaster

    This is what I’ve been saying. You can’t get rid of racism by making the distinction between skin colors, and implying that skin color is a factor that separates us as human beings. Black history month is a perfect example, and I find it ironic that even though it is “black” history month, people choose to focus on the negative periods of American history, where if we weren’t playing the blame game, then we would be focusing on the history of Africa, Australian aboriginals, the middle east, and any other period of human history or geographic location that involves people without pale skin. Would it make sense to have blue eyes month? No. We don’t judge people or give privileges to them based on their eye color because that doesn’t make any sense, the same as is doesn’t make sense to do it with skin color. Making any distinction therein is a form of racism.

    I remember thinking about this all through the Obama election. “Oh, we finally have a black president! “His skin color should have absolutely no impact on anyone, the same as someone’s eye color has no impact on anyone, and to make the distinction that is being made in that sentence is a form of racism.

  • Keeban3

    To be fair, history is told by the dominant cultures and a great deal of information is glossed over and forgotten because of this. In this regard, having a womens history, a black history, a mexican history, etc. makes some sense. Course as a way to help get over racism its really counterproductive.

  • Blacklupus

    amen ive been saying it all since elementary

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