Law Enforcement Series: Maurice White
By: John Russell

Who: An on duty EMT worker named Maurice White, and a Oklahoma state trooper named Daniel Martin
What: An Oklahoma state trooper pulled over an ambulance with a patient inside claiming the ambulence refused to yield to the squad car. Even though the paramedic offered to resolve the dispute after dropping their patient off at the hospital, the trooper not only ignored the request but proceeded to escalate the conflict by declaring that the EMT was “under arrest” and grabbed the EMT’s neck as if he were choking him.
Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
When: May 24, 2009
What Happened: Due to the footage captured by the cellphone camera, the incident has become quite popular and police have released the dashboard footage from the cop car. The investigation is still underway, and the officer in question is on paid administrative leave. The EMT was reported in saying during an interview, “He’s taken an oath, just as I have, to protect and serve,” White said during a FOX News “Nowhere to Hide” report. “I could not believe that this was happening.” The officer has been difficult to contact apparently, but did say, “I believe this will play out in the end,” he told FOX News. “We should allow the investigation to take its course. I’ll let it go with that. I don’t want to interfere with any ongoing investigations.”
Cellphone Footage

Dashboard Footage


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