Law Enforcement Series: Kathryn Winkfein
By: John Russell

Who: Kathryn Winkfein - A 72-year-old great grandmother
What: She was pulled over for driving 15 MPH above the speed limit in a construction zone where she refused to oblige the officers orders, used abusive language, and became “violent”.
Where: Highway 71 and Bee Creek in Travis County, Texas
When: Incident occurred May 11, 2009, but the footage was released only a few days ago.
What Happened: Deputy Chris Bieze pulled over Kathryn Winkfein for going 60 MPH in a 45 MPH construction zone. During the stop, the women became belligerent and refused to sign the ticket. After becoming irritable the officer told her step out of the vehicle. During this critical time, it seemed the 72 year old grandmother became too hot to handle for the deputy where he then proceeded to tazer her to the ground in a fiery 50,000 volts of glory.
Granted, the women did not sign the ticket and became quite irritable, but do YOU think the actions of the officer is justified?


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