Law Enforcement Series: George MoralesPosted By: John Russell

Who: A deceased man named George Morales
What: A man was found by police in the back seat of a minivan after the vehicle received numerous parking tickets and was going to be towed.
Where: New York City, New York
When: June 5, 2009
What Happened: The family of the disappeared man is wondering why police did not notice the body which was in plain view in the back seat of his car after it received numerous parking tickets before getting towed. The daughter suspects that her father, who has diabetes and heart problems, may have become ill and pulled over to take a nap. “If you see a car has already three to four tickets and you just slabbing more, at least call 9-1-1 and say there’s a car here that’s not moving,” Jennifer Morales said. The article noted that she wondered why police did not notice a body decomposing in the back seat of a vehicle that had been sitting there receiving parking tickets for so long.

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