2008-2009 Club of the Year.Posted By: Barry Belmont

From left to right: Thomas H., Nathan D., Travis H., Barry B., Mike F., John R., Mary H., Abby P.


In case you didn’t hear already (Mike’s yell when this was first announced, in fact, woke many of the dead in local cemeteries) the UNR Students for Liberty was announced by the ASUN as THE CLUB OF THE YEAR.

Somehow the club so full of misanthropes, the club that ran the Nobody 08 campaign, started START, hosted “Surviving a Police Encounter,” and in general were the bane of many people’s existence was named THE CLUB OF THE YEAR by the very institution that despises it (and which, to a certain extent, we despise in return).

Another post will follow listing some of the reasons why we are best, why we are so great, so awesome, so totally smug and (now) justified…so stayed tuned for that. But I just really wanted to let you all know as soon as possible that we are:


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Comments Posted in Announcement
  • Let's face it: we're pretty much the most badass club on campus. They finally saw the light!
  • I'm glad to see you are keepin' it classy barry.
  • What a great group shot of everyone!
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