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Nominated: Event of the Year
By: UNR Student For Liberty

Our club (along with several other excellent organizations) has been nominated for the national Students for Liberty‘s Event of the Year. The event we were chosen for was our initial kick off of the Abolish ASUN movement, namely, the Abolish ASUN Festival, where, just in case you forget, we willfully wasted our student government’s funds [...]

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SFL: UNR Students for Liberty…and Ponies
By: Barry Belmont

For the newer visitors to our site, we urge you to check out the organization we love so much, we decided to use their name, The Students for Liberty. In addition to be the student organization that is single-handedly changing the focus of liberty on campuses throughout the nation, they are also an amazing source [...]

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How to Survive a Police Encounter Recap
By: John Russell

The UNR Students for Liberty are proud to have hosted our second “How to Survive a Police Encounter” event.  Those of whom were in attendance are now more informed citizens who know how to properly and effectively flex their Constitutional rights during a police encounter. We would like to thank Linda Nordvig for volunteering her [...]

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