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Morality and Legality
By: Barry Belmont

I would like to put forth the notion that morality and legality, while containing overlap, are actually two different things, such that libertarians (when speaking about liberty) should only be concerned with the latter and leave the former to other individuals at other times. This is not to dismiss the value of either field of [...]

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The Universal Perspective Series: Female Circumcision
By: Barry Belmont

Donald Symons is a renowned anthropologist over at UC Santa Barbara. I’ve read much of his work (and I suggest you do too) and it is truly amazing how well scientists can convey meaning. Let me explain: the other day I was having a legitimate argument with someone (a girl known around town as a [...]

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Moral Objectivism, Stated Eloquently
By: Barry Belmont

There are such things as objective moral truths. For anyone who disagrees:

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A Difference of Ethical Systems
By: Barry Belmont

I had a teacher today claim, with a straight face, that there is no such thing as right and wrong answers to questions of morality. She purported that there is no significant difference in the overall well-being of people in Sweden as opposed to those of Rwanda. She claimed that a suicide bomber is morally [...]

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Ought From Is
By: Barry Belmont

I recently wrote the following article about morality for the Sagebrush where I am putting forth the idea that not only can we extrapolate from the the way the world is to the way the world should be, but that we must do this. I am putting forth the radical notion that there is such [...]

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Morality and Liberty
By: Mary Hunton

Religion is a very predominant part of many people’s lives, and organized faiths, as we know, have their own set of moral code and conduct. What is and is not okay according to them–in other words, morals. Being born and raised Roman Catholic (and still going by that title even today), I was raised with [...]

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Government is the Problem not the Solution
By: Barry Belmont

I have an inordinate respect for many scientists. I have read literally hundreds of books on science and it never ceases to amaze me the brilliant insights many scientists (or scientific journalists/writers) illuminate. One particularly interesting book I read recently was The Origin of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation by Matt Ridley. I had [...]

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