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Gays, Glee, and Big-o-try
By: Barry Belmont

There are children, today, in the twenty-first century, in arguably one of the most advanced and civilized nations to have ever existed on planet earth, that will kill themselves, because they are ashamed they are gay. They are ashamed because for centuries, the notion of homosexuality has been treated with contempt and disgust and those [...]

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When Bigotry Meets Campus Politics
By: Barry Belmont

This is just horrendous. This dude, Andrew Shirvell, an assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan, goes off the deep end in criticizing the openly-gay student body president for the University of Michigan. I mean, I’m not particularly in favor of any kind of student body president, but this is just ridiculous. Watch the [...]

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Bryan Fischer Brings the Crazy
By: Barry Belmont

Have you ever thought about insulting homosexuals, HIV patients, and undermining the whole notion of terrorism all in a few phrases? Well it turns out the director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, has beaten you to it with this absolutely disgusting nugget of hate, bigotry, and [...]

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The Logic Behind Homosexual Discrimination
By: Barry Belmont

I’ve never quite understood why so many otherwise decent people go absolutely bezonkers when it comes to something like Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell and gay marriage. And if you, like I, thought it was bad in America, it is nothing compared to the festering hatred found in places like Uganda. Below is an actual lecture by one of [...]

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