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Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores
By: John Russell

Just fantastic.

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Visualize Your Taxes
By: John Russell

Google sponsored a contest where contestants would submit data visualizations on the federal taxes people in America pay. Today they announced the winners of the competition which can be found here -> With the American central bank beginning to lose its grip on a good credit rating, one can only conclude that taxation is inevitably going [...]

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America’s Most Bizarre Taxes
By: Barry Belmont

Originally from

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The Second Great Flaw of Democracy
By: Barry Belmont

If you’re a boring guy like me with a little interest in the running of our school and a lot of time to spend on the internet, you’ve by now run across the VisLupiGang. Their topics are usually boring and their writing has that turgid feel of a first year law student trying too hard [...]

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The ASUN’s New $75 Fee
By: Barry Belmont

Hmm…this seems like the sort of thing that should be discussed more, the sort of thing that shouldn’t be fast-tracked so easily, the sort of thing that shouldn’t by-pass the student vote. The sort of thing that a maybe a few people should try to do something about. Wednesday. Senate Chambers in the JCSU, 8:30 [...]

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Fourth of July Tea Party: The Placation of Taxation, The Video
By: Barry Belmont

Here is the video from the Fourth of July Tea Party. Apparently Barry has a slight lisp. And I think he’s advocating “something about taxes being bad” therefore justifying (or at least becoming another brick in a wall of justification) in the destruction of the State. Those anarcho-capitalists are mysterious.

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The Placation of Taxation
By: Barry Belmont

On the Fourth of July, the UNR Students for Liberty were invited to the Reno Tea Party to participate, mingle, and even give a speech. It was a fun time had with a bunch of interesting people (around 2000!) and we were thankful to be a part of it. As there has been a few [...]

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Really Harry Reid… Really?
By: John Russell
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