Anecdotes from the Abolishment
By: Barry Belmont

So today’s Abolish ASUN carnival was fairly successful. We demonstrated what government spending looks like, saw spontaneous order form from free individuals, and generally demolished Statist argument (much to admiration of onlookers, while those arguing in favor of the institution clearly backpeddled from position to position).

But I wanted to share some various anecdotes of what occurred and what each represents.

The Gluttonous Former Senator

A former senator of the ASUN stood in line and grabbed two whole boxes of pizza (while others around him gladly only took two or less slices of pizza). When I pointed out that we would donate the remaining food to a homeless shelter he merely looked up, smiled the shit-eating-est of smiles, and said “I paid my student fees, did they?” He grabbed three more boxes and waddled himself away.

The moral: 1. Coercive institutions can have some serious schmucks for employees (employees, I might add, that can’t be fired), 2. When resources are pooled, there is no incentive have ‘left-overs.’ 3. When people are forced to pay into a system, they tend to lose their humanitarian streak.

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1 Comment Posted in Abolish ASUN, Absurd
  • Rnoanon

    Another general anecdote: when something is “free” at time of receipt, people turn into giant douches.

    “Hey, just take a few pieces, we are trying to make the pizza last so everyone can get some.”
    *70% of people after hearing that grab a whole pizza.*

    “Hey, you can have a pizza.”
    *50% of people take more than 1 pizza.”

    Many people avoided all social contact and disrespected us even though we got them food.

    WTF UNR?