Chrome for a Cause
By: Barry Belmont

By now you should all be using Google Chrome to do all your web browsing. It’s fast, safe, reliable — in a word: awesome.

To increase the “slacktavism” of its users, Google is sponsoring a charitable event from December 15-19. For every tab the user opens in those five days, Google will donate a certain amount (proportional to the number of tabs opened) to a charity of the user’s choice.

It is one of the most perfect combinations of business models incorporating charitable work.

So do yourself a favor, do the world a favor, and let the charity flow with every new page you (are lucky enough to) open on the internet. Chrome For a Cause.

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5 Comments Posted in Economics, Money
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  • John Russell

    So barry, are you going to cash you tabs for vaccinations, books, clean water, shelters, or trees?

    • Barry Belmont

      One of each.

      • John Russell

        I put all my tabs toward the doctor’s without borders organization.

        • Travis Hagen

          I put all my tabs towards trees.

          Fuck you, I live in Oregon.

          • Asdf

            me and maslow put all our tabs toward water