Money Money Money from the ASUN!
By: John Russell

In order to pursue a more open discussion about the ASUN funding policies, the UNR Students for Liberty have compiled our latest Fall 1 Funding hearing where we requested thousands for various events and activities we will be holding this semester.  Although we didn’t get every event funded (even though we felt that the ones that got denied was based upon their raw hatred for us), we feel we will still be having a great semester nonetheless.  Below are snapshots of each event that we requested funds for.  Notice how ridiculously easy it is to get thousands from the student body. Think this is absurd? Abolish ASUN

Approved: Mock ASUN Event

Approved: Tragedy of the Trojes

Denied: Smoke-a-Thon for the Lung Cancer Association

Approved: Travis Hagen: How to Get Money from the ASUN Speaker Event

Denied: Chess Club Bailout

Approved: Airplane Tickets

Approved: Campus Discussions

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2 Comments Posted in Abolish ASUN, Money
  • Barry Belmont

    All in all, not a bad day. $5000+ in about 40 minutes.

    Sure glad they stopped two on-campus events that would have benefited the students of the campus as a whole, but didn’t even blink an eye to give us $997 for an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC for three people.

    After all, it frees up all that time for us to be more self-indulgent.

  • Asdf

    I could do without the picture in picture ha