The Logic Behind Homosexual Discrimination
By: Barry Belmont

I’ve never quite understood why so many otherwise decent people go absolutely bezonkers when it comes to something like Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell and gay marriage. And if you, like I, thought it was bad in America, it is nothing compared to the festering hatred found in places like Uganda. Below is an actual lecture by one of the leading advocates of the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill in Uganda. This video is what you get when there is a perfect storm failure of government, religion, and critical thinking.

It’s funny until you realize that he’s serious. …that people believe him. …that he thinks gay people should be killed.

…so next time you think of saying that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, consider that you are only one step removed from this and to the rest of us who believe that people should be free, you’re just as crazy as this guy.

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  • ps.

    It doesn't excuse the fact that the bigotry is still wrong— and hey, we're still getting slaughtered here.