A Picture’s Worth a Thousand-Word ‘Dear Gracie’ Post
By: Barry Belmont

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24 Comments Posted in Abolish ASUN, Elitism, SFL
  • EThornley

    Seriously…you claim I am a troll? Barry, I respect you as a intellectual on campus, but man…you are a jackass.

  • http://unrforliberty.com/ John Russell

    Don't feel left out, SFL made a balloon for you too:


  • EThornley

    You know, I wouldn't mind meeting you guys in person and discussing these matters in a professional manner….that is, if you guys are willing to crawl out of your cave.

  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    Tell you what, Thornliwornly…we come out of our caves periodically — only periodically! — to talk about political philosophy. These tend to happen every other Thursday at 7 PM in the JCSU 317/423. In fact, I believe we won some award from ASUN for these meetings (Club of the…Club of the…well, I can't remember it, but I'm sure it was a nice award).

    Anyway, we've got one coming up next week, April 22, about Science, Religion, and Liberty. You are more than welcome to attend and be our Guest of Honor!

  • EThornley

    Sure, how bad do you want me to rip into your philosophy? Do you want me to utterly destroy you, or just call you and John for being the petulant children you are?

  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    Petulant! Someone's getting something out of that Word of the Day toilet paper mommy and daddy sent him to college with!

    Thornster, you are cordially invited to rip our philosophy to shreds if you can. If it'll give us a stronger position in answering political and philosophical questions, then why would we refuse? This isn't a contest but merely a journey in seeking truth. We would rather have a weak stance torn down and a better one built in its place.

    If you think you can provide this (or even if you just want to come see what these 'petulant children' are really like), you know where to find us.

  • EThornley

    Translation: I am too afraid to meet this guy in person, I want to hide behind the barrier of my club.

    Don't worry, I don't bite.

  • http://unrforliberty.com/ John Russell

    So you would you rather hide behind the barrier of the internet and troll comment sections then meet with a group of like-minded people who share a philosophy you find to be incorrect? Who exactly is hiding? Just come.

  • Gracie Geremia


    I'm going to be honest. I've always respected the way you stand behind your name and fight for what you believe in, despite the opposition that you may face. You've expressed your opinion in a mature a productive way to the senate body and ASUN several times and I've always listened. I respect you. Don't listen to individuals who only want to start a fight. Because if they truly wanted to see things get better, they wouldn't be using character attacks in an attempt to prove a point. They would let their actions and intent speak louder. Instead, it's clouded by their repetitive negative/petty personalities.

  • EThornley

    Never said I wouldn't come, just calling Barry out for his lack of enthusiasm for voicing his opinion of me in peson.

  • http://unrforliberty.com/ John Russell

    She is correct Thornley. Going to senate meetings and voicing your opinions (and being heard!) make lasting impacts – like the lasting impacts of the 76thwhatever session of the senate which she was a part of. We are completely ineffective, as I said in my other comment, mainly because we don't have have committees or nameplates or leadership retreats. You want to see true, effective, and long lasting change which betters your community? Look no further: http://public.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pOT6il4xd…

  • EThornley

    Are you guys saying you can provide better leadership? I see, I'll give it a try…

    Wait a minute….you guys mean your philosophy calls for the mass murder of individuals by throwing live people into the sea, never to be seen again?


  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    Perhaps I have missed something, but I don't ever recall this conversation being about me voicing my opinion about you?

    But if you're so gung-ho about it, I get out of class at 10 am tomorrow (Friday). I'll swing on over to Trojes, and we can talk all you'd like about whatever you'd like.

  • EThornley

    I will be at a conference until Tuesday, perhaps we can meet that week?

  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    No, Eric. You're confusing our 'philosophy' for the movie 'Titanic.'

  • EThornley

    Barry, for someone who claims to be an expert on Anarcho-Capitalism and Austrian economics, you should read up on the mass atrocities your “philosophy” has encouraged in Latin America, Chile and Argentina in particular. The reference I put out was a vehicle for dissident elimination of the Argentinian Junta.

  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    Perhaps again I have missed something: I don't recall ever having referred to myself as an expert in either anarchocapitalism or Austrian economics.

    Nor do I recall my “philosophy” having anything to do with the awfulness involved in any of the above listed countries (in fact, not that I'm an expert, but I am able to find no link between anarchocapitalism on the one hand and Chile [or Argentina or Latin America] on the other). Even a simple Google search turns up nothing and the Wikipedia article for Anarchocapitalism fails to mention a single thing you did. Maybe you know something I don't. If you do, I want to hear it.

    Because that seems to be what you keep getting wrong, Thornliworn, my philosophy. So, I'll put it out here all pink and naked. This is what I believe:

    +I believe there is such a thing as human well-being and that there are definite ways to increase or decrease it.

    + I believe we should act such that our actions produce a general increase in human well-being.

    + I do not believe there is only one way to achieve this goal (though some seem to think I do).

    + I believe that among the most parsimonious ways to attain this end is to increase the overall liberty of everybody. In other words, I feel that “doing whatever you want so long as it doesn't adversely affect others” is a good rule-of-thumb way to approach the world.

    + I believe we should rely on reason and evidence to inform our worldview above all else. In other words, dogmatism is probably not the way to go.

    I also think that the non-aggression axiom and the sovereignty of the individual are good ways to promote the liberty of all. I apply those principles as well as all of the above others, and I arrive at my opinions, modifying them when an argument persuades or abandoning altogether if the evidence does not bare out my predictions.

    Now, if I've got any of that wrong, feel free to “rip into my philosophy” or “utterly destroy me” or “call me a child” or whatever it is that gets you off at night, because as I previously stated: If it'll give me a stronger position in answering political and philosophical questions, then why would I refuse? This isn't a contest but merely a journey in seeking truth. I would rather have a weak stance torn down and a better one built in its place.

  • EThornley

    Generally, those are excellent beliefs, but I don't believe that you don't buy into this anarchocapitalism BS.

  • cameronbelt

    Hey Eric, I'd like to see you explain your philosophy of Libertarian Socialism which you seem to ascribe to on your facebook page. Please enlighten me on exactly what this is and how you intend to alleviate the inherent problem of economic calculation within a socialist society by fusing these two ideologies together. I'm just curious. If anybody out there doesn't know me, I have been a fan of this club from afar and have wanted to become more highly involved with it, sadly I have let other things take precedence. So I guess you can call this my debut into these discussions.

  • Idgara2001

    I can't get enough of this. If Barry and E-whatever get together, someone please record it and post it. Good night Gracie…

  • Shane

    I think the point, or at least one of the points, is that people don't need to be led. Thornley, you need to calm down.

  • http://unrforliberty.com Barry Belmont

    You should answer Thornibopolous. I'm actually quite interested in what you have to say on this manner.

    …see, that's what you have to say Cameron to have any effect.

    But seriously…I've always found the use of the term “libertarian socialist” (as espoused by people like Noam Chomsky) to be not only a sandwiching of terms at odds with another, but also to be masking a fairly untenable and ass-backward philosophy.

    Please, Erichomsky, enlighten us. In fact, if you want, we'll give you your own post on our website to explain yourself, that way you don't feel limited…

  • EThornley

    Give me time to write it. When do you want it by?

  • Your hetero lifemate

    Kelly (ie?) is definitely the best part of this picture.