Still Pending…
By: Barry Belmont

So, I’m not going to lie to you right now, whenever I head over to the VisLupes’ site I tune out as soon as the discussion turns to open meeting laws or proposed legislations. I mean it’s just snoo. zers. But they recently posted on their blog something about some legislation being passed three years ago, and it still hasn’t gotten through the sludge of ASUN.

Obviously, rather than come to our side of the issue of ASUN (that it is hopelessly inefficient and impossible to regulate with anything that could be called responsibility), they urge their senators or some election guy or somebody (aren’t all these bloggers graduated?) to sign three pieces of paper or something and it gets thrown on the books. Easy peasy. (I’m not going to lie to you right now, either, I couldn’t be bothered to actually read what they’re complaining about, it’s just an easy way to get traffic if we tag them…)

Sign three pieces of paper and something becomes law. Hasn’t happened for three years. Is this how you believe you can reform a government? Is this how feel democracy is supposed to work? Thus I pose to the Visl-Pays, either 1) Stop caring (seriously, aren’t you all graduated?) 2) Start hating. If there’s one thing to like about the ASUN, there’s at least twenty things to hate…and you’re little legislation pending after three years is a fine example.

Or — and this is what I suppose you’ll do — completely disregard this argument, spew something about trying to “fix” something, mention the judicial council, site some law no one cares about, possibly refer to the founders, argue semantics over content, and refer to my obviously simplistic point as too radical to take serious.

Maybe after another three years, you’ll come around.

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2 Comments Posted in Abolish ASUN
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  • Alpha Wolf

    Not just “something about some legislation being passed three years ago,” but about an amendment to ASUN Constitution, voted on by the students, that has yet to take effect because it was never transmitted to the Board of Regents for their consideration.

  • Shane

    No, not all the bloggers have finished all their undergrad degree work.