By: John Russell

You slimy, ignorant, elitist bitch.  How dare you compare death to the condition of poor people!?  Are you upset that taxing the poor, the nicotine-addicted and otherwise underprivelaged people of Nevada so that you can enjoy the subsidies of going to a tax-funded college is somehow their fault?  To imply that you may be relegated to their level of existence (death – according to you) is disgusting beyond words.  I am embarrassed for you, and I am ashamed to be a student of UNR.  Full picture here with University President Dr. Glick speaking.

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3 Comments Posted in Elitism
  • elainadevoss

    i don't think she actually made this sign, i think she just grabbed it off the stack, so the fact that you are attacking her, and not the sign maker is ridiculous.

  • Chill

    Relax. She didn't make that sign asshole.

  • http://unrforliberty.com/ Barry Belmont

    Yeah…cause he's totally out of line for thinking someone holding a sign in protest would believe what they're sign says. Give me a break. If this poor girl had given half the thought she should have to this sign, she should have rejected it as repugnant. Since she didn't, John is more than entitled to reject her as such.