A Gun Social: Success!
By: John Russell

Although delayed due to complications from procuring funds, the UNR Students for Liberty successfully navigated the funding policies from ASUN and had a great day flexing our gun rights. We would like to thank Eric who was able to grace us with his arsenal of handguns, Matt who brought his AR-15, Mike who brought his SR-25, and Travis who brought some .22′s. We would also like to thank the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility for providing a great service, and the wonderful people at ASUN.

Also, motivated with the first full season of Jack Bauer (also known as 24), some members competed for the prize in a two bullet shoot-off at 50 yards with the scoped SR-25 to determine the best marksman (Mike excluded, since he’s a pro at his own gun).  The winner has yet to be determined.





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1 Comment Posted in Announcement, club meeting, Random
  • Drew_Wheeler

    Can we do this in 2010-2011 school year?