Anarcho-Capitalism II: Justice and Defense Lecture
By: John Russell

Barry Belmont, the 2008-2009 president of the UNR Students for Liberty has made another case for an anarcho-capitalist society. In this lecture, he will address the free-rider problem, public choice theory, and a brief history of States with diverse examples from evolutionary biology, philosophy, economics, and what you already think!
Put simply, this lecture will attempt to convince you that anarcho-capitalism is a viable theory that should be put into practice.

Be sure to click on the HD button in the bottom right corner of the player so you can read the slides. This button will appear after you press play (or just go to youtube here).

Or for those of you who would rather read it for yourselves:

Anarcho-Capitalism II: Justice

A bibliography will be contained in the forth-coming PowerPoint for those of you interested in the original sources for anarcho-capitalism. Or…if you should just want to know a list of great libertarian/anarcho-capitalism books and articles and simply cannot wait for the PowerPoint feel free to contact Barry.

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