UNR Student Health Center on "Privacy" – Part 3
By: John Russell

As a continuation of the previous posts here and here of my privacy concerns of the student health center, they have finally replied to my letter. As you read, please notice how the privacy officer does not actually grant my request of keeping all my personal health information private unless I specifically grant them written permission. Instead, she justifies their lax policies with certain practical examples that they may, or may not be limited and binded to. Although their explanation does clear up a few things in their (purposefully?) vague policy, I don’t believe the explanation is all-inclusive. Citing specific examples, I am dubious to what they are actually limited in releasing. For example, she was obviously able to look up my information to include specific examples pertinent to my last visit within this letter (I came into the health center once for strep throat), but her powers are not specifically mentioned within the privacy policy. Am I able to look at her record? Doubtful.

I believe privacy is as important as defending private property rights, simply because it is private property. Unfortunately it tends to be the easiest item for unacountable and apathetic authorities to unknowingly trample on. I suppose one of the only ways to deal with such a predicament is to either irrationally waste time and resources defending your “privelage”, or simply accepting the fact that privacy is an illusion… (just ask this kid).

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