Recycling Hurts the Environment Event
By: John Russell

As a response to our University’s “Go Green with Nevada Blue” event, the UNR Students for Liberty participated and attempted to dispel the common myths of recycling. Using authoritative facts and sound economics, we presented information to students, staff, and professors which most had not thought about before. Through this, we hope to have revived critical thought and dispelled the misinformation plaguing current recycling methods.

The backbone of our argument was a flier we compiled based upon the essay written by Daniel K. Benjamin. Check out the flier here.

Through all the hard work, we thought we could capitalize on some downtime and see if we could borrow some chalk from the Obamabots for our Don’t Vote campaign:

With the outright dismay of some administrators, we chalked our Don’t Vote campaign slogan once again:

Here are the custodial administrators that cleaned up our first chalking attempt conspiring with the Obamabot’s table, reviewing the posting rules to see if we violated any. Don’t worry guys, we haven’t.
Thumbs up indeed, Barry… Thumbs up indeed.

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