By: UNR Student For Liberty

Clearly, acts such as the USA PATRIOT act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act have drastically empowered the executive branch of our government. These acts are un-patriotic and un-constitutional. They strike at the essence of a free society and we cannot allow them to become codified in judicial law (though we are watching it happen). With the destruction of governmental balance we lose the ethics instilled in our country by the founding fathers. We are seeing this happen and it is an ominous threat to the future of the USA as a free society.
In business we study ethics. One of our subjects is the slippery slope of defying ethics. Once an organization starts to break rules we find that they will continue to do this until large scale criminal activity brings the organization down. We see real world examples of this in companies like Enron, World Co., Tyco and Qwest (to name a few). These companies stepped onto the slippery slope of dubious ethics and continued to slide until failure.
We are now witnessing the government of the United States taking their first step onto this slippery slope. The passing of said acts (USA PATRIOT, Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act) the government is relinquishing past barriers to power and therefore cheating the system. Many people argue that these acts are for the sole prevention of defending our country against terrorist. This has been proven unfounded recently with the resignation of the former mayor of New York City, Elliot Spitzer.
Elliot Spitzer went from being a well liked successful mayor of New York City to a resigning “frequenter of prostitutes”. I believe that provisions of the USA PATRIOT act allowed for him to be vilified. While it is hypocritical for Spitzer to be frequenting prostitutes, it isn’t all that criminal. What is criminal is that now the government has the ability to use provisions of law in order to attack other politicians.
This is the slippery slope which the US government is dancing upon. If we are to live in a free society we need to repeal these acts and bring back balanced government. We need this because it is essential for a free society. As Benjamin Franklin once said “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

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